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Phil’s Bicycle World is a full service bike shop with a knowledgeable staff prepared to service any make of bicycle. Our service philosophy is based on building personal relationships and introducing our customers to unique and quality products. Rather than cutting corners, we take extra time and earn the loyalty of our customers.

We are committed to elevating the experience from a retail transaction to community, conversation, education, and inspiration. You don’t need an initial appointment and a phone call can’t adequately assess your bike’s needs. Please wheel your bike and smiling face into our shop and we’ll be glad to assist!

Note: Prices reflect service only; parts are not included. Some services may vary with the bike model, and the related cost may vary accordingly. When you contact us for service, we will let you know if and when the variation may apply to you.

Service Packages

Safety Package - $40  
Brake Check and Adjust
Gear Adjust
Oil Chain and Cables
Air Added to Tires and Shocks
Check Nuts and Bolts
Adjust Headset and BB

Tune-Up Package - $85  
Brake Check and Adjust
Gears Adjust
Oil Chain and Cables
Air Tires and Shocks
Clean Bike
Wheel Service
Check Nuts and Bolts
Adjust Headset and BB


Renew Package - $180 to $240
Completely Tear Down
Clean and Detail
Completely Reassemble


A La Carte
True Wheel $20 to $25
Fix a Flat $8 to $10 plus Tube
Wrap Bars $12
Box a Bike $75
Build A Bike
BMX $90
Single Speed $80
Multi Speed $120
Trike $180
Frame Ask Us

Fit Services

Bicycle fit

Nobody is built the same. We all have injuries, aches, and unique bodies that can affect your ride experience. With our fit service we will sit down with you to discuss all of these attributes with you, then tailor your bicycle to your body. Everyone should be able to enjoy their ride, meaning little to no hand numbness and being able to sit down after a long bike ride without everything being sore. We can also look at these attributes and make the bike fit you to make your ride faster and more efficient.

Bicycle Sizing

A service that we will perform to make sure you are buying the correct size bicycle. Or, if you already have a bicycle we will get you set up with the correct seat height and a good handle bar setup for your riding style.

Without Purchase of New Bike   With Purchase of Bicycle  
Bicycle Sizing   $35 No Charge
Bicycle Fitting   $160 $100

Call or email to make an appointment today! 843-665-8115 or

A great resource for fit information is BG Fit by Specialized

Bicycle Rentals

We do not carry a rental fleet, but we do rent used bicycles or demos if we have them available. If you are coming into town and need something to ride, call or email us to see if we can accommodate you.