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This Is Us

Phil (Owner)

"I was probably eight years old when my love for bicycles started. In 1953-1954, there were very few models to choose from. All the kids in the neighborhood had single speed, fat tire bikes. We made changes to make our bikes faster. We were all competing to create the fastest bike out there.

About that time, I found a man who has a small bike shop in his garage, just a few blocks from my house. I remember thinking how neat it would be to have a small shop like that one day. Little did I know, thirty years later, that childhood dream would become a reality.

The opportunity presented itself in 1978. My family and I relocated from Columbia to Florence and bought the small bike shop on West Evans Street. In 2005, Phil’s Bicycle World and Naturally Outdoors bought the building at 2519 W. Palmetto Street. I’ve enjoyed serving the cycling needs of the Pee Dee Area the last 35 years and looking forward to continuing that service."

Mike (Manager)

Mike started out with Phil's before he even rode bicycles, as a part-time handy-man. Now the manager, probably out of longevity and ambition more than smarts, he likes to commute, ride with the "roadies", and is beginning to enjoy riding mountain bikes as well.  

Mike has three children and a beautiful wife, they a like to take really long road trips and find enjoyment in playing games and having BBQ's. He really, really likes chocolate!

Matt (Technician)

Matt came to Phil's after being a teacher/coach for several years. His wife is super competitive and does triathlons, so he does what he can to keep up with her. Their biking habit takes most of his paycheck, the rest goes to his hunting habit. His dog is named Roubaix if that tells you anything. Maxwell, his son looks just like daddy.

Being 300 pounds, Matt is not a weight weenie, but he will sprint very fast for short periods. His weight is mostly muscle, his thighs are bigger than any pro-rider on the tour. He is trying out the new SRAM 1X system on his road bike, so ask him about that.

Jason (Technician)

Jason jumped into the fray at Phil's the summer that Phil jumped off a ladder from very high. We needed someone that was smart and would jump right in, and Jason did that! He likes to work on fast, and furious bicycles, and keep the shop light hearted. Now working part-time, you have to hunt him down, but you won't be disappointed.